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Quatro Lighting Designs Strives to offer our clients Superior yet affordable lighting installations to meet their individual needs. With our talented team, Excellent customer service, and Extensive Knowledge of  lighting. You can rest assure knowing that we are more than experienced and capable of working with various types of lighting. From simply changing a light bulb, to installing large chandeliers, Fabrication and Restoration.

Not to mention, Quatro has over 15 years of experience illuminating Architectural, Commercial, Residential,  and High Rise Lofts. We do over 100 weekly residential installs & multiple large scale Hotels, Casinos  & Custom Chandelier Builds by Erik Thompson & his amazing team.

We have done projects nation wide but TEXAS born!!! Our technicians are courteous and very professional when working with our clients. We provide the confidence and expertise to get the job done RIGHT. Whether it’s a small project or large, you’ll receive high quality services at a great value. Each installation is carefully worked to ensure your satisfaction and safety. No detail goes overlooked when it comes to the QUALITY of service you’ll receive from DFW’s #1 installation Team. got lights?

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Davis Building Downtown Dallas

Our most recent large scale installation, which can be viewed in the link above, took place in downtown Dallas at the historical Davis Building. As part of a renovation project contracted by Wiedamark, a wide variety of LED fixtures were used to make the illumination of the building complete. From linear wall washers to high power LED fixtures, no detail was left untouched. By using multiple types of LED, we were able to give the building the ability to change the its’ entire mood within seconds. Colors can easily be transformed for any holiday or special event, with 16 million color choices the possibilities are endless. The lights installed are to be used throughout the year for a multitude of local gatherings.

Project Credits to: Mark Reed-Walkup and Dante Walkup, WieDaMark, LLC 4016 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas, Texas 75219
Architectural Lighting Design System Programming by: Daryl Vaughn of Light Partner


Custom Glass Chandelier

With each custom blown glass piece done by David Gappa, the fixture above is a one of a kind installation. Erik Thompson created the Custom Canopy Base where the fixture is suspended from. Along with that, he also custom created the lighting design used which enables the home owner to have complete control over the look of the fixture when illuminated. The chandelier is sure to be a conversation starter at any social gathering held at the home. This piece is so multifaceted that upon being lit, it can look like a completely different fixture, making it a great choice for anyone who’s style is constantly changing.

Infinity Bubble Dining Area

Liven up your home with our fiber optic infinity mirror. This fixture puts a modern spin on any home. It will have guests in awe as the mirror reflects an illusion that your lights stretch infinitely. A little goes a long way with this fixture, as any size will look amazing and it’s design is so stylish it will add flamboyance to any room. Keep it classic white for a formal gathering or switch it up to a colorful display for a casual dining atmosphere.

Custom Suspension Canopy Droplet Chandelier

As with anything, first impressions are important and your home is no exception. You’ll want the interior of your home to be a reflection of your personal style. With this particular install, the customer wanted a twist on an already modern Canopy Droplet chandelier. To create a color splash effect on the walls, a custom suspension was installed from the ceiling. Along with the color splash effect, an illusion that the chandelier was floating was also added. If you prefer the classic white instead of a splash of color, you can turn off the effect with the push of a button. With the option to change colors, you can entertain guests for a formal dinner or add a little pizazz to a casual gathering as well. The size of the chandelier makes it visible from the outside of the home without being overwhelming.

A Stylish and Affordable Way to Illuminate Your Space

If you’re looking for a unique way to add personality to your space, the “Barron Rain” chandelier should be your first choice. Along with being a beautiful sight to see, it also provides a sufficient amount of light and décor, without breaking the bank. Although this fixture was already beautiful, Erik added his own personal style by rewiring the fiber optic strands and crystal droplets to create the effect of rainfall. By doing so, the fixture sets a calming mood without being overwhelming. The bulbs used were a GU10 Daylight White instead of your traditional Classic White, so that no matter how high the fixture was mounted, light would illuminate the entire space.

Neuron LED Lighting Art

Along with many of the custom installations Quatro Lighting has done, the installation at the UT Dallas Center for Brain Health is among one of the most unique. Here, the client wanted a piece of lighting art that resembled neurons in a brain. By backlighting the fixture with a simple cool white LED, the already existing colors of the fixture illuminated beautifully. From afar, the fixture seems like any other and draws you closer. Upon taking a closer look, the light adds attention to the detail put into the fixture by local artist David Gappa of Vetro Glassblowing Studio and Gallery. Not only does it clearly represent the Center for Brain Health, but adds an almost sci-fi effect with a modern twist.

Make A Statement

The simple addition of a chandelier can transform the entire atmosphere of a room. In the picture seen above, the chandelier was originally flush mounted. To add that extra oomph and make a bold statement, the chandelier was custom converted to a suspension, to fit the customer’s request. As a twist to the traditional white bulbs normally used on this chandelier, we installed LED GU10 Daylight White bulbs. In doing this, the crystals sparkle with more clarity. Not only is the chandelier beautiful, but it adds a touch of elegance to any living space.

Taking Acoustics To The Next Level

With this custom installation, the Center for Brain Health at UT Dallas wanted fixtures that would enhance the acoustics of the auditorium, as well as, being visually appealing. Although, lighting is not typically the first thing that comes to mind when you think of enhancing the sound of a large area, it can be a great deal of help. The acoustical tiles used in this installation, were designed to ensure that sound would not echo. RGB LED lighting was used on the visual side of things to transform the room for any occasion, with the ability to display 16 million different colors.

Custom LED Staircase Lighting

You can accentuate any aspect of your space with the addition of custom lighting. As with the pictures above, Erik installed LED lighting along the entire staircase. This not only makes it easier to walk, but also makes it a one of a kind staircase. With the simple addition of lighting to this staircase, it transforms from dull and boring to contemporary and fun. The illuminated staircase was such a great addition to the penthouse, it was even featured on HGTV’s ” Million Dollar Homes”.

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