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Custom Glass Chandelier

With each custom blown glass piece done by David Gappa, the fixture above is a one of a kind installation. Erik Thompson created the Custom Canopy Base where the fixture is suspended from. Along with that, he also custom created the lighting design used which enables the home owner to have complete control over the look of the fixture when illuminated. The chandelier is sure to be a conversation starter at any social gathering held at the home. This piece is so multifaceted that upon being lit, it can look like a completely different fixture, making it a great choice for anyone who’s style is constantly changing.

Infinity Bubble Dining Area

Liven up your home with our fiber optic infinity mirror. This fixture puts a modern spin on any home. It will have guests in awe as the mirror reflects an illusion that your lights stretch infinitely. A little goes a long way with this fixture, as any size will look amazing and it’s design is so stylish it will add flamboyance to any room. Keep it classic white for a formal gathering or switch it up to a colorful display for a casual dining atmosphere.

Custom Suspension Canopy Droplet Chandelier

As with anything, first impressions are important and your home is no exception. You’ll want the interior of your home to be a reflection of your personal style. With this particular install, the customer wanted a twist on an already modern Canopy Droplet chandelier. To create a color splash effect on the walls, a custom suspension was installed from the ceiling. Along with the color splash effect, an illusion that the chandelier was floating was also added. If you prefer the classic white instead of a splash of color, you can turn off the effect with the push of a button. With the option to change colors, you can entertain guests for a formal dinner or add a little pizazz to a casual gathering as well. The size of the chandelier makes it visible from the outside of the home without being overwhelming.

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