Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Theater Room Design

Bring life to any room with this up to date fiber optic star ceiling. This fiber optic lighting design is so versatile, it can be displayed in any room in your home. Contrary to popular belief, this beautiful display is used for more than just theater rooms. You can even use it in hospitality areas such as museums. This lighting also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to better fit your needs. To provide a more convincing and realistic effect, 3 different sizes of fiber are used in addition to a twinkle wheel. Your space will illuminate just as well, if not better than, the night sky.

Set The Mood For Any Occasion

Generally, lighting is an understated aspect of decor. Whether you’re having the boys over for Monday Night Football or having your girlfriend over for dinner, the right lighting and fixtures can make or break your bachelor pad or entertainment area. As you can see in the pictures above, the mood of a room can instantly be transformed with just the flip of a switch or slide of a dimmer. You can go from nightclub blue/green to classic white in just seconds. The lighting installed on this wall has the ability to display over 16 million different colors. You’re sure to find colors that fit the occasion or mood.

How to add Light with out subtracting from your budget!!!

Ok what you about to read can be disturbing for some of you , that have spent time and money looking for and hiring contractors to patch and paint holes that you were told that where unavoidable.

Now please understand that their are few rare occasions that you will need to cut some holes to get the desired look but like I said it should be rare…

I am going to show you some of the tools Quatro Lighting uses to complete installs that seemed impossible to do with out damage.


From Top Right to Left:

1. This is a magna puller (we call it Mag-neat-o) this is a life saver in any insulated wall.

Q. How does it work?

A. It is a very sorry VERY STRONG MAGNET on a roller with a magnetic puller, you can tie a jet line(pull string) to it and pull a line from one end of a room to another , or even down a wall to add a switch for a new lighting scene.


2. Stud Finder but not just any stud finder make sure it also spots wire, metal, and wood studs.

Q. How does it work?

A. Well it is pretty self explanatory it sends a low pulse through the wall that will tell you whether or not their is a stud, wire, pipe in the wall or not.


3. Camera snake (I cannot began to tell you how much time and $$$ this has not only saved me but also my clients)

Q. How does it work?

A. It is a camera at the end of a flexible cable that also has a LED flash light so you can see in the wall.


4. Glow rods

Q. What is a glow rod ?

A. Well its a fiber glass rod with a male and female screw fitting on either end so that when you are fishing wires in walls and ceilings you can extend it out one piece at a time.


5. Jet Line

Q. Why would you need pull string to add a fixture or switch?

A. String is easier to pull than wire , which means less time fighting with wire and more time working, once the string is pulled where it needs to be you can simply tie on wire and pull it to you.


Now that I have shared some of my tricks that I have accumulated over 12 years of my experience in electrical and lighting industry, lets see some of Quatro’s finished installs.

Also one thing to remember it will take a little longer to complete an install with out damaging sheetrock and paint. Their for it will cost a little more, but consider the alternative.

Day 1 : Electrical done

Day 2 : Sheet rock patch

Day 3 : Next day paint

I like Day 1 and done !!





Artistic Art Lighting

Their are many different techniques for lighting art and thousands of fixtures to choose from. That’s just the beginning once you decide what fixture is most appealing ,whether it’s track lighting, recessed lighting,mono points, or floor lamps.

Very few styles and base options , that is the hard part. You need to ask yourself what degree of lamp will better suite the art, also the color temperature very important. This makes all the difference in the art lighting world.Please remember you DO NOT want flashy lighting, the more your art lighting blends into the environment of your home the better, because we are “Lighting the art not ARTING the LIGHT”.

Don’t be afraid of adding multiple switches for different pieces, we call them scenes. You can give each piece of art its own scene really gives depth to your collection.These lighting tips will bring your art whether glass, sculpture,painting, etc…to LIFE !!!!

Is Lighting Really Important?

I’ll let you be the judge of that …..Lets take a look at some before and after photos of a Quatro Lighting designs & Install.

Before : This client wanted to make a statement in this open area of her condo, she felt that something was missing. After picking a Chandelier that apeeled to her we moved foward with the install..

During: How it was made unique!!! WOW thats a big hole for that fixture.

Magic: The best part of a small project like this one is the reaction of the client, and the look on their face when they see the finished product for the first time.

Ok I can see that some of you will question why I used all daytime pictures, since this post pertains to lighting here’s why. You see although this fixture looks great at night, and illuminates the area very well(of course it is on a dimmer to set the mood), I wanted you to see how choosing the right light fixture can make a statment¬† day or night.

More to follow this is the 1st of many ” Is Lighting Really That Important “!!!


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